Come join Communications

Current Activities:

Priority A: Website

  1. Communicate activities and products from current working groups
  2. Advertise events focused on DEI in research, teaching, mentoring or outreach on and off UC Davis campus 
  3. Organize recommendations and syntheses of readings and other materials (trainings) suggested by working groups
  4. Key DEI training resources compiled:

Priority B:  Annual newsletter. 

  1. Synthesize working group and website updates
  2. Advertise DEI events related to sciences thru UCD and beyond: speakers, discussion groups, training sessions, workshops to practice skills, upcoming conferences

Priority C: Provide more frequent updates on events and training opportunities.

  1. Encourage people to reach out to help advertise events and training opportunities on a more regular basis, allowing for those interested to opt-in to receive notices on events and opportunities as they arise (e.g., a weekly summary of up-coming events that may not have been scheduled in time for the quarterly newsletter).

Priority D: Advocating for and displaying DEI values (in collaboration with ‘building community’ working group).

  1. Ally sticker badge developed by PS Department for faculty/TAs/staff etc. who complete specified DEI trainings offered (for free) through UC Davis 
  2. Encourage PIs to write a diversity statement and post on their lab website

When we meet:

  • as needed throughout quarter, contact if you'd like to join

Contact Us:

  • Troy Magney,
  • Mary Cadenasso,