Come join Outreach

The committee has identified 4 distinct audiences for outreach: 1) Stakeholders (e.g., most of our traditional outreach, with commodity groups, NGOs, etc.); 2) K-12 education; 3) General public/ community-based education (e.g., through garden clubs, etc.); 4) Policy outreach

Current Activities:

Priority A: Facilitate existing efforts in the department.

Many departmental members are actively working to enhance DEI in their outreach, but across the whole department, DEI in outreach was identified as the largest knowledge gap. We will recruit departmental members to lead and participate in this working group to assess how the department can facilitate their outreach efforts, including efforts such as:

  • DEI grant-writing support
  • Fundraising to increase access to our departmental outreach activities (e.g. fee waivers for events, translation services for outreach materials, etc.)

Priority B: Provide synthesis and training on DEI approaches in outreach. 

This committee will review existing resources and on-going efforts to enhance DEI in outreach, and develop a synthesis of key approaches, as well as guest speakers and training workshops.

On-going: gathering resources for more inclusive outreach (both for stakeholders, but also for participation of our students).

When we meet:

  • Seeking new leadership as former leaders have graduated

Contact Us:

  • All Outreach activities are being run through the communications working group at the moment