Graduate Student Research Awards for DEI

Many of our graduate students already have broken barriers just by completing an undergraduate degree and getting into grad school. We want to support you in your next chapter as you continue to bring unique and underrepresented perspectives into our department and plant sciences in general. Among the Graduate Student Research assistantships awarded each year, the department Chair grants one award specifically to a student who will continue to break down barriers to inclusion.

Information about the department’s GSR award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is here.

Read about our students who already have received the Department’s GSR award for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:


Catelyn Bridges

DEI scholar: Catelyn Bridges

Our 2023 GSR/DEI scholar is Catelyn Bridges, who was 23 years old the first time she saw a Black woman faculty member in the sciences. That’s when she knew she wanted to be for others the person she had needed in her undergrad years.


grad student

DEI scholar: Anca Barcu

Our 2022 GSR/DEI scholar is Anca Barcu, who grew up in rural Romania drawing water from a well for both drinking and irrigating the family’s vegetable garden. Now, she’s developing tomatoes that can supplement the income of dryland farmers.